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The unique experience of adventure and discovery distilled in our learning environment

Between 21 to 35 months, children are meeting new challenges as fast as they come. Our toddler program inspires children to examine, create, and share as they broaden their English and Spanish languages through interactions with teachers and classmates in a safe, nurturing environment. Children learn best if they are in a stimulating environment. Toddlers are now independent, curious and into lots of exploration. Music, stories, outdoor plan and learning simplicities envelop much of the day. Toys, equipment and programs are designed to encourage discovery and learning. Our caregivers are dedicated in helping each child develop these skills through a trusting and loving relationship. Through learning centers, our toddlers have the ability to work at their own pace and learn to do tasks independently. A parental daily report is given to update each family on meal times, nap times, toilet training and supplies needed. One room is available to cater to this age group with a 1:6 adult to child ratio.

Social and Emotional Skills

We start with our toddlers becoming aware of everybody in the classroom, and move on to encouraging the children to engage in group play. Children in this age group are encouraged to refer to their friends by name as well as engage in dramatic play activities, such as pretending to shop at the grocery store or acting out stories. Toddlers are experiencing a wide variety of emotions, much more than when they were infants and waddlers. Our program guides children to express their emotions in a healthy and safe way. Caring teachers will show children different ways to convey their emotions, from sadness and frustration, to happiness and joy.

Communication Skills

Our teachers provide children with the tools they need to communicate within their classroom community by guiding them to put their desires into words. Children are encouraged to identify common objects and speak in three-to-five-word sentences.

Fine Motor Skills

Toddlers are bolstering their fine motor skills in Great Little Minds Academy. They are having fun finger painting, making collages, coloring with chalk, crayons, dot markers, paint, cutting with scissors, gluing, and creating with play dough. They are also able to accomplish basic self-help tasks, such as putting their shoes and jackets on.

Gross Motor Skills

Our program focuses on all gross motor skills, which include ball throwing, jumping, climbing, balancing, kicking, walking, and running. Children are encouraged to climb, jump, hop, and run on the playground to strengthen their leg muscles.

Cognitive Skills

Cognitive skills are the foundation of learning and knowledge. At the toddler age, children’s cognitive are expanding quickly. Our program challenges the children to become even more aware of their environment by asking questions and inviting them to solve problems. Teachers provide the children with many activities designed to encourage them to distinguish between textures, and to identify letters, sounds, shapes and colors.

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