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Meet Our Great Educators

A quality early childhood program ensures that teaching staff members are equipped with tools for success. Reflective teachers use observations and teachable moments to make learning meaningful. In addition to meeting the state’s child care licensing requirements, our employees are thoroughly interviewed and selected based on their commitment to young children and their passion of nurturing and providing instruction that will be engaging and inspire individual accomplishments.

Our caregivers, who include the administrative and teaching staff, introduce educational concepts with an inclination toward good conduct. Learning while playing is one theme highly emphasized at Great Little Minds Academy. Our staff helps our children prepare for the next class they’ll attend, including Kindergarten. From playing, solving problems, and questioning, to discovering and experimenting, we are here to guide them. Instructional techniques will also be given to help children develop to their fullest potential. We keep all of the children engaged in creative activities, such as dance, music, and art.

During summer, our students enjoy a weekly themed summer camp, which provides them with various activities for their fun, exploration, enjoyment, and leisure.

Our staff will have continuous professional development through in-house training, local conferences, orientation videos, and workshops provided by other certified professionals in the education field. All the members of our staff are trained in Pediatric First Aid and CPR. All staff members are fingerprinted and screened following a thorough background check. We take great pride and responsibility to keep safe, educate and nurture the children within our care.

Miss Gaudys

Miss GaudysInfant Teacher

Gaudys Contreras is originally from Mérida, Venezuela. She is happily married and has three children of her own. Having an insurance broker degree from the Instituto Universitario Tecnológico de Venezuela, she has developed her career by working with a plethora of insurance companies. For the last ten years of her career she was able to open and operate her own insurance company. This big step allowed her to become an independent insurance provider. Although she had to leave this career behind when moving to the United States, Miss Gaudys feels she has found her true calling working with children.

A message from Ms. Gaudys:
I moved to the United States in 2016 and have been working with children since I arrived. Working with the little ones has been an extremely rewarding experience for me. I have always been very passionate about children’s care and education. Their smile and innocence fills my spirit in a way I have no words to describe. Please allow me to help your child pronounce their first Spanish words, have their first meal and take their first steps.

~Miss Gaudys

Miss Ville

Miss VilleInfant Teacher

Message to Parents:
Dear parents, I was born in Mexico but grew up in the Houston Heights area. I graduated from Waltrip High School and studied Early Childhood Development at North West HCC. I have two handsome sons, Leonardo, age 6, and Joe, age 13.

Children’s first five years are crucial to their health, well-being and to the rest of their lives in general. During these early years children build characteristics that could last them a lifetime and it is an honor for me to be a part of that process. I understand how important having a caring place where your child is not only safe, but also loved and educated is.

Thank you for your trust and I can assure you I will treat your child as my own.

~ Miss Ville


Miss AngelaPreschool Assistant Teacher

Miss Angela Aguilar was born in the city of Maracaibo, Venezuela. As a teenager she discovered a special passion for reading and studying. “Every book I read helped me profile my academic and professional life. Then, already an adult in college, I took on great challenges that filled my personal and professional life with meaning, I never doubted my interest in studying social and economic sciences. I hadn’t even graduated yet from college, when I volunteered to give lessons to elementary school children in a public school in my hometown”. Miss Angela soon discovered she could also achieve personal and professional growth in the Education field. She graduated with Bachellor’s degree in Economics, a Master’s degree in Business Administration and a PhD degree in Human Sciences. Miss Angela was a college professor for 20 years. “Today I am not mistaken to say that no other professional experience has filled me up with more that being an educator”.

Message to Parents:
Three years ago in the search for new life challenges, me and my family decided to move to Houston, TX. Once here, I went back to school to complete an Associates Degree in Child Development (CDA). My perception of education has not changed, and now as never before, an element that I place at the heart of my educational aspirations is to work with children, to continually motivate them to intervene in the reality the experience and discover, to understand the different situations that are presented to them and to seek the solution to their problems in the most independent way possible. I believe that preschool education should not deprive children of their natural attitude and behavior in the face of the situations they experience, on the contrary, I am convinced that they move firmly on their curricular goals and behave according to their interests and abilities, to the extent that they enjoy their childhood unrestricted and use their creativity and imagination. I thank Great Little Minds Academy for the opportunity it offers me to be part of its family and contribute to the full development of the cognitive, physical, social and emotional potentials of the little ones. I am confident that children who achieve a level of development appropriate to their growth stage easily create bonds of friendship and love for others, value teamwork, personal discipline, companionship, and respect for differences. I am happy to accompany you at this stage of your lives and contribute to your happiness!

~Miss Angela


Miss FlorToddler Lead Teacher

My name is Flor de María Benavides. I was born in El Salvador where I got married and became the mother of two beautiful children, Kevin, 26, and Gabriel, 14. I graduated as an elementary and middle school teacher from the San Miguel Technological Institute. I worked as a teacher in my country for twenty years, eight of these as a preschool teacher and twelve years as a third grade teacher. During my years of working as a teacher, I decided to get a law degree, and had the privilege to work as a lawyer and as a teacher simultaneously. Being a teacher has always been my passion as every day I feel I learn something new from my students. Four years ago, my sons and I decided to move to this country to reunite with my husband, who had already moved here. In the United States I have been blessed to work with preschoolers for 3 years, which allowed me to learn the system of work in this country and which has filled me with lots of joy and satisfaction.

Message to Parents:
Dear parents, I am very happy Great Little Minds Academy has chosen me to be part of their working group as the toddler lead teacher. Thank you for placing the trust in me to care for and be able to teach your children so that I can contribute to the growth and physical and intellectual development of each one of them. My goals in the classroom are to make each day one full of fun and participatory learning, develop their psychomotor skills to the fullest, get children to enjoy every day they make new friends, and to facilitate their learning while enjoying being children, which I consider the most important goal. I also aspire to encourage them to respect every body, to work on promoting their individuality and independence and to develop empathy in each one of them. Thank you!

~ Miss Flor


Miss SoniaToddler Assistant Teacher

My name is Sonia Verde, and I am from Peru. I have been blessed with a 16-year-old son, and we both moved to the United States 15 years ago. I have a Nurse Assistant degree from the Superior Technological Institute Daniel Alcides Carrión and worked as an assistant nurse for the Peruvian Institute of Social Safety for many years before moving to the United States. Before working for Great Little Minds Academy, I worked for the Aldine School District in the cafeteria.

Message to Parents:
I love to work with children and to give them my best, it just fills me up with joy to witness their first steps and words and to see them grow up and learn. The well-being of every baby and child is very important to me. I enjoy working for Great Little Minds Academy, which I consider my second home. Parents, thank you so much for your love, support and trust.

~ Miss Sonia


Miss JannieInfant 2 (waddlers) Teacher

Message to parents:
Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jannie Rivera Vazquez and I had the honor to be hired by Great Little Minds Academy to be the lead teacher of the Infant 2 (Waddler) class. I am married and have three wonderful children. I graduated from the University of Puerto Rico with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education. I also have a Master’s Degree in Secondary Spanish Education from the Ana G. Mendez University. I’ve been a teacher for 21 years in the Puerto Rico Department of Education. As part of my different roles as an educator I have had groups from all levels: preschool, elementary, intermediate and in the last 8 years a high school Spanish teacher.

Getting to work here at Great Little Minds Academy represents for me a new and exiting challenge. Parents, I am looking forward to being part of this great team and to be able to care for and to teach your children effectively, which will allow them to be holistically prepared for the toddler class. Thank you very much for your trust!

~ Miss Jannie


Miss LilyPreschool Lead Teacher

Miss Lily was born in El Salvador, where she completed her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education at the Francisco Gavidia University in San Salvador. It was also in El Salvador where Miss Lily worked as a preschool teacher for 8 years. In March of this year she moved with her husband to the United States and is not only grateful but also excited to be able to fulfill her passion for teaching Early Childhood at Great Little Minds Academy.

In her free time Miss Lily likes to cook, to read, to go for long walks and to get to know new places.

Message to Parents:
Dear parents, it is a great honor to be part of the family of Great Minds Academy and to be your children’s new preschool teacher. My main goal is to develop physical and intellectual skills in each one of them and to contribute in this way to heir comprehensive development, to prepare them for Kindergarten, to give them tools they could use and apply in their daily life and above all, to provide them a loving and holistic education.

~Miss Lily