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The window of child development is brought to its fullest expression

Our Pre-K program focuses on preparing your child for kindergarten. Between 36 months to 5 years, preschoolers continue to expand their brain development and are now learning new and complex ways of communicating, relating, exploring and understanding the world. During this time, your child’s world will be dominated by fantasy, vivid imagination and curiosity. They are now starting to become more independent yet responsive to other children. This is the most ideal time to begin a more structured and organized environment with others, while promoting independence, individualization and self-expression. It is our goal to expose preschoolers to a range of experiences that nurture and support sensitivity, creativity and competence. One room is available to cater to this age group with a 1:7 adult to child ratio.

Our prek 3 program have designed various activities, which include recognizing print through learning center signs, vocabulary in English and Spanish, dramatic play, practice counting beads or blocks, learning about people, plants and animals, participating in activities with their peers, practicing balance, jumping and throwing, and learning about patience.

Our 4-5 years old preschoolers start learning the fundamentals of language, socialization and a variety of disciplines such as reading, science, technology, engineering, art & mathematics as well. These areas will allow children to have a head start as they prepare for kindergarten. We use various counting manipulatives to introduce number operations such as addition and subtraction. Your child will begin to read when he/she is ready. Our classroom is filled with award-winning children’s literature from a variety of genres and comfortable reading areas for your child to enjoy. Our teachers and assistants are dedicated in helping each child develop and master skills.

Social and Emotional Skills

Our program is full of activities designed to increase children’s independence, further developing their confidence and abilities. Children will learn to solve problems by using words. As children become preschoolers, their social and emotional skills need the guidance of a nurturing teacher, who prompts them to play a responsible role in their classroom community.

Communication Skills

Communication focuses on expressing thoughts, wants, and needs in addition to speaking words. Communication also involves listening and understanding what others are saying. Our program offers children many opportunities to express their thoughts and opinions with their friends and teachers. Our program also contains activities that will promote early literacy skills, including alphabet letter recognition, phonics, and comprehension in both English and Spanish. Your child will be immersed in a print-rich environment, surrounded by award-winning children’s literature, which helps prepare him/her for kindergarten.

Fine Motor Skills

Our program focuses on all fine motor skills, which include the smaller muscle groups, such as fingers and hands, and are vital to your child’s future writing skills. Our preschoolers will enjoy strengthening their fine motor skills through finger painting, sculpting with clay, doing finger plays, playing with sand, by stacking small blocks, and by writing their names. In the afternoons, our preschoolers participate in the program Handwriting Without Tears (HWT). Research has shown that children who master handwriting are better, more creative writers. The earlier children are taught to master handwriting, the more likely they are to succeed in school, and write with speed and ease in all subjects. This writing curriculum uses fun, engaging, and developmentally appropriate instructional methods to enable children to master handwriting as an automatic and comfortable skill.

Gross Motor Skills

Our program focuses on all gross motor skills, which strengthen the large muscle groups of the body, including arms and legs. Gross motor skills include jumping, kicking, throwing and catching a ball, and demonstrating balance. Children are encouraged to climb, jump, hop, and run on the playground to strengthen their leg muscles. Our program also includes dance and movement, which promote physical fitness and coordination. Children will be encouraged to dance and participate in noncompetitive races.

Cognitive Skills

Our program addresses our preschoolers’ increasing cognitive skills and contains many activities designed to prepare your child for kindergarten. We encourage problem solving, symbolic thinking, math concepts and logistics. Blocks and other mathematical manipulatives promote planning, problem solving, concepts of physics and creative thinking. Literacy, language arts and self-expression are also encouraged at this stage and age. Our preschoolers are introduced to phonics. They learn reading and writing readiness and shape/letter/color recognition. Literacy, language arts and self-expression continue to be emphasized in our preschool class. Many hands-on opportunities are provided to your child to explore weather, plants, animals, sounds, textures, and other essential science topics.

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