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Essential beginnings require extraordinary arrangements

Infants: 6 weeks-12 months. Our infant room provides the highest quality care in an environment that is designed to develop and reinforce each infant’s individuality and with both the parent and child in mind. While in our care, the children participate in sensory-based learning experiences, while receiving positive, nurturing guidance. Our infants are constantly stimulated through sign language, music, exercise, facial and verbal mimicking as well as lots of hugs and tickles. We know infants are constantly learning through observation. Our infant teachers provide fun activities that will help our infants build upon their social and emotional, communication, fine motor, gross motor and cognitive skills. A parental daily report is given to update each family on meal times, nap times, diaper changes and supplies needed. One room is available to cater to this age group with a 1:4 adult to child ratio.

Social and Emotional Skills

We begin by helping our infants become aware of other people, and move on to imitating hand and facial gestures. We also encourage infants to explore their emotions. Teachers spend time singing, playing with puppets, singing and dancing to make your child feel happy and secure.

Communication Skills

Our program contains many activities designed to increase your infant’s communication skills, which include listening and making sounds in English and Spanish. Infants observe themselves in a child-safe mirror as they make a variety of sound, and their teachers speak and sing to them constantly. Older infants are encouraged to make animal sounds and to say the name of family members, colors, body parts and shapes in both English and Spanish. Our teachers also teach our infants the basics of baby sign language, which increase their ability to communicate before they can speak.

Fine Motor Skills

Infants’ fine motor skills, which include finger and hand movement, need to be stimulated in a variety of ways in order for them to improve. We offer a wide variety of fine motor skill activities for your infant, from simply grasping a toy, to shaking a rattle, to scooping up finger foods.

Gross Motor Skills

Our program addresses all of our infant’s gross motor skills, which include reaching for objects, pushing, pulling, kicking, sitting, crawling, cruising, and walking. Infants are encouraged to lay on their stomachs and look at and reach for books and toys to increase their core muscle strength. Infants may even participate in an obstacle course to motivate them to crawl or walk.

Cognitive Skills

Cognitive skills are the foundation of learning and knowledge. Our program focuses on infants’ explorations of their environment. Your infant will be encouraged to make associations based on prior knowledge and explore the concept of cause and effect by dumping out toys, building and knocking down towers, and manipulating stacking rings. Our infants are also exposed to the basic shapes and colors with stacking and sorting shapes toys.

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