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Innovations (for Infant and Toddlers)

The Innovations series is a complete, interactive curriculum for infants and toddlers. In addition to the wealth of activities, each book includes these critical components: applying child development theory to everyday experiences; using assessment to meet individual developmental needs; using the physical environment as a learning tool; developing a partner relationship with parents; fostering an interactive climate in the classroom, and educating parents.


HighScope (for Toddlers & Preschoolers)

HighScope’s educational approach emphasizes “active participatory learning.” Active learning means students have direct, hands-on experiences with people, objects, events, and ideas. Children’s interests and choices are at the heart of HighScope programs. They construct their knowledge through interactions with the world and the people around them. Children take the first step in the learning process by making choices and following through on their plans and decisions. Teachers, caregivers, and parents offer physical, emotional, and intellectual support. Inside active learning settings, adults expand children’s thinking with diverse materials and nurturing interactions. Through scaffolding, adults help children gain knowledge and develop creative problem-solving skills.

HighScope uses the term scaffolding to describe the process whereby adults support and gently extend children’s thinking and reasoning. Scaffolding is a term introduced by developmental psychologist Jerome Bruner and is based on the work of psychologist Lev Vygotsky. Vygotsky referred to the zone of proximal development as the area between what children can accomplish on their own and what they can do with the help of an adult or another child who is more developmentally advanced. HighScope teachers carefully observe children so they know when and how to enter this zone. Children must be secure and confident in what they already know before they are ready to move to the next level. When HighScope says adults can support and extend children’s learning, it means that the adults first validate, or support, what children already know, and then, when the time is right, gently encouraging them to extend their thinking to the next level.


Our curriculums touch upon the following fundamentals:

We let your kids spark their imaginations through painting, drawing, collage-making, etc. and simultaneously let them express their feelings and ideas in unique fashions.
We let your kids appreciate music by letting them listen to tunes and rhythms while also encouraging them to sing and dance.
We teach the kids crucial problem-solving skills, teamwork, and decision-making through crafted playtime activities.
We have plenty of children’s books to enrich lives, but more importantly, set the early milestone of learning how to read and write fluently.
Using clever little games and effective teaching methods, we can instill the kids plentiful about basic math to earn them a significant boost towards mathematical mastery.

So come by and join us. We’re always open for admissions. You can enroll your child with us today.